Money: The one topic which everyone shies away from.  It can be awkward, cause conflict, and can be the root of anxiety for many people.  So what can we do when we need the support of others to obey God’s call?  You work to create a team of people that can support you financially and through prayer. You rally your friends and family and give them the opportunity to be a part of what you are doing. This support is vital, you can’t do it on your own!  Below are just a few ways you can start reaching out to those around you:

Garage Sale

Having a garage or yard sale can be the perfect opportunity to get rid of some of your extra stuff; and, not to mention, raise some extra support and awareness for your mission trip.

Support Letters

Support letters are a great way to receive not only financial support, but also prayer support from your friends and family. Express why you feel called to the trip you’re going on, and explain to your friends and family why you’re asking for their partnership – financially or otherwise. Send letters out to people in your community or friends and relatives.

Yard Clean-Up

Anyone can use a good yard-clean up every now and then! Grab your friends and advertise your trip and help your neighbors mow their grass or clean out gutters. You can either establish a set rate, or ask for donations. Have some fun with this one!

Church Benefit Dinner

You’ve got it – spaghetti dinners, a great way to have some yummy food and raise support and awareness for your mission trip. Gather some friends and folks from your church and advertise a benefit dinner. Get creative and set up some entertainment for the night- music, comedy, etc. Charge a set rate per plate or person, and stock up on some spaghetti!

Bake Sale

You really can’t go wrong with food! Set up a booth after school or on a weekend and sell some sweets. This can be a perfect opportunity to talk about your trip with people in your community.

Church Social

Ice cream, movie night, you name it! These, and a million others, are great ways to get some people in your church involved in raising support for your trip. Hang out, eat ice cream, and raise finances for your trip.


This speaks for itself! Not only can you raise support for your trip, but babysitting is also a great excuse to snack on Goldfish and play with LEGOs! Reach out to families in your community and offer to take care of their kids during the week or weekend!

Car Wash

Set up some some soapy water buckets and set a flat rate or take donations! Everyone loves a squeaky clean car.

Church Support

Talk with your senior or youth pastor about speaking to your church or youth group about the missions trip you’re attending. This is a great way to raise financial, moral, and prayer support!