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Good leadership is pivotal for any project to succeed.  The project can be as simple as organizing a get together of friends, or it can be as complex as strategizing how to reach every people group with the Gospel.  Without good leadership the project will either fail miserably, or not be as effective as you had hoped.  Proverbs 11:14 expresses this idea when it says: “Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory.”

Our hope is to see everyone become great and impactful leaders in their spheres of influence.  Our vision is not a cookie cutter approach to leadership, as each person is made and gifted differently by our creator.  But, we do believe that every person has the ability within them to lead.

This may come in the form of a introverted servant leadership, or it may come in the form of an extroverted evangelist.  Each is vital for the needs of the Kingdom, and each is perfectly fitted for the tasks God has placed in front of them.

Here at Multiple Global there are two leadership opportunities:

Mission Trip in Haiti

Team Leader

Team Leaders have to be at least 21 years of age, and they have responsibilities pre-trip and during the trip.

Pre-Travel Team Leader Responsibilities

  • Work with the Missions Director to know logistics, travel plans, and have a full understanding of the schedule for the week
  • Invest time before the trip in understanding the culture, language and religions present at the location to which you are taking the team
  • Have a presence on the team Facebook group, and begin forming a sense of community among the team while working with the TA’s to make sure that all participants (& their parents) have been communicated to on a bi-weekly basis and have no unanswered questions.

Team Leader Responsibilities During Trip

  • Creating a deep community within the team and to cultivate a “family-like” dynamic (this is typically cultivated through team time together and shared ministry experiences)
  • Developing your team spiritually by creating/initiating conversations that will allow for growth and leading/planning all team devotions for the duration of the trip
  • Keeping the moral high, be a positive voice even when plans change, and to cast vision on a daily basis, being confident in decision making, enforce discipline and correction when needed, and essentially take on the “parental role” of making sure their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs are addressed and taken care of in-country
  • Assessing situations, and opportunities, to see if they are wise, safe, and appropriate for the age/dynamics of your team.

Trip Assistant

In addition to this Multiply Global piloted a position in 2015 to help build leadership qualities into our participants.  This position is a Trip Assistant, or TA.  As a TA, you are an important link that allows the trip to be even more growing in students’ lives! Your contact with missions participants can be pivotal in their experience of going on a trip. It frees us to focus on being excellent with administrative responsibilities while you build camaraderie with the team. A team that knows each other well will be more capable of serving others well.

Pre-Travel Trip Assistant Responsibilities

  • Assist the Missions Director in recruitment by sharing information about the trip on social media, in your local schools/churches, etc.
  • Call all trip participants on a bi-weekly basis to check in on support raising, passport/visa applications, and trip preparation.
  • Call each participant’s parents/legal guardian (if they are a minor) to establish open communication through the trip planning process.
  • Maintain the group Facebook page, and is the leader in asking get to know you questions, posting country facts, and spiritual encouragement.
  • Contact TL on a bi-weekly basis via text, email, or phone call to update them on any new information or issues.

Trip Assistant Responsibilities During Trip

  • Work alongside of the TL to create a deep community within the team and to cultivate a “family-like” dynamic. This is typically cultivated through team time together and shared ministry experiences.
  • Set the tone for a willing attitude by being quick to encourage and serve.
  • Keep communication home open and active (if possible) by posting team pictures and updates to the Facebook group.

Leadership Testimonials

“As a TA I think I learned that being intentional and learning about someone starts before you ever meet them. It starts with prayer, a text, a phone call of encouragement.” – Erick Hooker

When asked what she enjoyed most about being a TA, Jessie Wiseman said, “Plain and simple: getting to know my team really well before the trip. It made the trip itself all the more meaningful (and totally less awkward meeting people!)”

“Being a trip leader gave me the chance to learn what it means to lead in so many other contexts of my life. I have learned how to bring a group of very different personalities together for a shared purpose. My leadership abilities are stretched and grown on every trip with Multiply Global. Handling travel details, pastoral leadership, logistics and financial aspects, all while serving and equipping my team and those we are serving are invaluable practices that grow me as a leader!” – Justin Brock, CKM Ministry Director

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