A country with 93.6% of its population Buddhist, Thailand only has about 1.2% that is Christian.  With a history of political instability, it is no wonder that the Thai people have turned to Theravada Buddhism.  It is an atheistic religion, one in which the self is relied upon.  They are lost, desperate to find happiness.  Prostitution circles are commonplace, and they are even regulated by the government.  If only they knew that the hole they were trying to fill can only be filled by Christ.

You have an opportunity to go with Multiply Global to tell them of the good news.  You can be one of the first people to ever introduce them to Jesus.

College student outreach

You will have the opportunity to use conversational English as a way to build relationships with young adults. We will equip you with the tools you need, but essentially you will use your story to point them to Jesus!

Be the light in a dark place

Your team will have the opportunity to work in schools with 100% Muslim/Buddhist enrollments. This is such a unique opportunity as it is SO rare that Christians are welcomed in to share about Jesus.  

Work in schools of different faiths

You will teach English through Vacation Bible School type activities, sharing Jesus in such a way that kids who may have never heard of Him will leave knowing truth about our Savior! Whether it is through a song, a coloring sheet, or a short story - these kids are going to leave their time with your team to return home and tell their parents all they have learned. How cool is that?

Help bring Christ’s security to these people who have known nearly nothing but instability and self-reliance their whole life.

Upcoming Trips to Thailand

NOV 17 18 NOV 25 18
Region Nonthaburi, Thailand
Cost with Airfare $3,100
Team Leader TBD

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Additional Details about Taking a Trip to Thailand

Passport: Your passport needs to have at least one year of validity, starting from the date you return from your trip.

Airport and Transportation: Multiply Global will arrange all of your transportation during your trip as it is included in the trip cost starting from your departure city. Transportation to your departure city is NOT included. This will be an additional cost.

Vaccinations: Please consult your family doctor and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for the most up to date information on vaccinations needed for travel to your specific destination.

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