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Located in the Caribbean, Haiti is not a tropical vacation destination.  Much of its 106 million people live in poverty compared to those in the US.  With its location in the Caribbean, Haiti is constantly hit with storms that wreak havoc on the local population, and in 2010 was hit by a devastating earthquake.  Its people are still recovering from this travesty.

All of this combines to create needs you can meet going with Multiply Global, specifically partnering with Disciple Village. Haiti is a cruel place for children without adequate food, shelter, and protection from danger. Disciple Village helps provide adequate food, homes, clean drinking water, basic medical needs, and spiritual teaching to these children in need.

Partner with Disciple Village

Your team will have the opportunity to get to work with Disciple Village, a place where orphans experience meals for hungry tummies, beds for tired bodies, and safety for vulnerable souls

Provide medical needs

Your team will be able to host small medical outreach opportunities in order meet the needs of local people and connect them with the local believers you are working with.

Train local Church leaders

Your team will also have the opportunity to help train up future leaders in Haiti's Spiritual community who don't have the chance to go to seminary.

Join us in partnering with Disciple Village to be a source of hope and refuge for the villages in the mountain region.

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Additional Details about Taking a Trip to Haiti

Passport: Your passport needs to have at least one year of validity, starting from the date you return from your trip.

Airport and Transportation: Multiply Global will arrange all of your transportation during your trip as it is included in the trip cost starting from your departure city. Transportation to your departure city is NOT included. This will be an additional cost.

Vaccinations: Please consult your family doctor and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for the most up to date information on vaccinations needed for travel to your specific destination.

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