Antigua, Guatemala

Central America

Located in Central America, Guatemala creates challenge and opportunity.  The over 14.5 million people who live here are constantly at the mercy of the fault lines above which they live.  Earthquakes are commonplace.  Poverty is widespread.   These combine to cripple the people of Guatemala when tragedy strikes.  Homes already in disrepair fall prey to these natural disasters.  In this wake, an already impoverished people become even more crippled.  Those who were already struggling to provide food for their families, are forced to fight even more for the very things we take advantage of every day.  Yet, even without a significant earthquake since 2012, Guatemala is a place of opportunity for the love of Christ to be extended.

Currently in the middle of an election, the country is ripe for change.  You can be a part of that change.  Multiply teams will be going into this beautiful country to partner with local ministries.

Homes will be built

Your team will take part in the church's vision to build one thousand homes in the villages outside of Antigua! These homes are prefabricated into house kits, and your team along with some church staff, will build a home for a family in need. You will learn everything you need to know on site - so any skill level is welcome!

Food will be distributed

You will also spend time at a local feeding center where you will help distribute food to hundreds of local children, while also preparing a lesson to share with them through songs and actions as they eat. It’s a great opportunity to meet a need, while also sharing the Gospel with these kids!

Children's programs will be coordinated

During the week, your team will also travel to various schools, children's homes, and feeding centers as you work to build relationships with the kids there, as well as share stories that share the life giving message of Jesus Christ.

We ask that you join us.  Come with us.  Go to the edges of the earth: loving, caring, building, sharing.

Upcoming Trips to Antigua, Guatemala

NOV 17 18 NOV 24 18
Region Antigua, Guatemala
Cost with Airfare $1,800
Team Leader TBD

Additional Details about Taking a Trip to Antigua, Guatemala

Passport: Your passport needs to have at least one year of validity, starting from the date you return from your trip.

Airport and Transportation: Multiply Global will arrange all of your transportation during your trip as it is included in the trip cost starting from your departure city. Transportation to your departure city is NOT included. This will be an additional cost.

Vaccinations: Please consult your family doctor and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for the most up to date information on vaccinations needed for travel to your specific destination.

Missions in Antigua, GuatemalaMissions in Antigua, GuatemalaMissions in Antigua, GuatemalaMissions in Antigua, GuatemalaMissions in Antigua, Guatemala