Meet Our Staff

Meghan Mukri (@megmukri)

Meghan serves the Multiply Global family through establishing and strengthening mission’s partnerships. She cares deeply about sustainable involvement with national and international ministry opportunities, and she loves coming alongside individuals and churches to facilitate beneficial missions experiences through the various ministries Multiply Global is partnered with. Meghan is married to the talented Colin Mukri. Some of her favorite things include: laughter, creating various handcrafts, and traveling abroad, as well as experiencing the joy of helping expand someone’s horizon through a missions trip or missions education.

Meghan Mukri
Connor Moon

Connor Moon @la_luna15

Connor is Florida native, currently enrolled in our Crossroads Discipleship program. He recently graduated from The Florida State University with a degree in Asian studies, and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification from Tallahassee Community College TCC. Here in Anderson, he is working as a Mission’s Intern with CKM and helping to lead the way with our Custom Trips. So if you are interested in pursuing a customized trip with us, Connor is your man!

Jenny Gillespie

Jenny Gillespie @jenny.gillespie

Jenny is also a Florida native and a recent grad of The Florida State University. She graduated with a Masters in Social Work and worked as a social worker at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital before moving to Anderson. Jenny is an intern in our missions department and currently is heading up the planning for our missions week of camp, Go Week. We couldn’t do it without her!

Bianca Dragul

Bianca Dragul @bdragul

Bianca was raised traveling the world with her family, but they made their home in North Carolina. She’s a recent high school graduate of Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy, and served on the 2015 Crossroads summer camp staff. Bianca is now enrolled in the Crossroads Discipleship Program, with an internship in the Mission’s Department. She handles the majority of our interviews and inquiries and will guide you through your next steps as you pursue working alongside Multiply Global!

Multiply Global Staff